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Thursday, 24 Apr 2014


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Check out the menus, evaluate our previous experiences and choose our services for your next event. With three kitchen chefs, dedicated to bring the most delicious recipes, the innovations of the culinary world of catering, professional waiters at your service and extensive experience in organizing different events, your ceremony will make an impression.


With a production and management capacity of about 8.000 production units per day, or in different words, for about 5.000 people per day, with the most sophisticated technology in the sector, professional staff, highly competitive prices and a focus towards the health of the consumer according to the diet doctor of the company, ERA Catering is your best choice...


era katering

To satisfy the taste of every client, ERA Catering offers services for every need:


Traditional as well as international cuisine, the latter adapted to the taste of the Albanian consumer, comes in the form of two packets, highly desired in the market:

Business Lunch and Industrial Catering



For every gathering or ceremony, small party or magnificent gala night, ERA Catering comes to your

service. Inquire on the menus of the different services of events catering.

For Kids

Solutions for adequate nutrition for our young; for nursery schools, the diet doctor of the company has

formulated menus which can be ordered and adapted into every institution of primary care in the city.

In Flight

For air traffic companies, to better serve the needs of their clients, ERA Catering has prepared a list of

menus ready to be served on any route, long or short.


Late at night

With any glass of good wine or after an aged cognac, or even for a special taste during those long nights, ERA Catering suggests a list of delicatessen for everyone to find their like.